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Problems that the cancer may be causing, including pain and weakness. viagra for women video Can you continue to receive radiation to an area that has already undergone radiation treatment? While it is true that each tissue in the body can only safely tolerate a certain dose of radiation, radiation therapy is very focused. cheap viagra Therefore, it is possible to receive additional treatments to an already treated area. Viagra generic equivalent south africa Your radiation oncologist is the best source of information as to what dose you can safely receive. Internal radiation therapy internal radiation therapy, also called brachytherapy, places the radiation source as close as possible to the cancer cells. To treat prostate cancer, a capsule containing radioactive materials is placed directly into the prostate. generic viagra online Some implants are left in place permanently, while others are left in place for only 1-3 days. Depending on which type of implant you receive, you may stay in the hospital while the implants are in place. cheap viagra Sometimes implant/internal radiation is combined with external beam radiation therapy. Brachytherapy requires a short hospital stay and, because of the radioactivity emitted by the capsule, may require some modifications in lifestyle (such as not holding small children on the lap) for a period of time after the procedure. viagra without a doctor prescription Research continues to show that brachytherapy is equivalent to external beam radiation therapy or surgery in the treatment and cure of prostate cancer. viagra without a doctor prescription However, the practice of brachytherapy, like surgery, is dependent on who is doing the procedure. viagra without a doctor prescription Some doctors who perform brachytherapy procedures participate in quality control programs that monitor their practices and help improve their results. does viagra work on young men Side effects radiation therapy for prostate cancer may cause impotence, urinary problems, and bowel problems. viagra online Most studies show that impotence rates are less for radiation therapy than for standard prostatectomy and slightly less than that for nerve-sparing procedures. viagra for sale Rates ofincontinence following radiation therapy are also less than following prostatectomy. viagra soft que es But, there is an increased risk of cystitis due to radiation. viagra soft que es When to contact your doctor call your doctor if: you develop side effects from the treatment, especially difficulty urinating, blood in the urine, bleeding from the rectum, diarrhea, or irritation of the rectal area you develop new or unusual symptoms your skin is red, blistered, or swollen references detailed guide: prostate cancer. what is an over the counter substitute for viagra American cancer society website. Buy viagra from canada online Available at: accessed october 9, 2008. cheap generic viagra Prostate cancer. Ebsco health library website. Available at: updated february 2010. Accessed february 12, 2010. Prostate cancer. can take zoloft viagra National cancer institute website. viagra online Available at: accessed october 9, 2008. 2/12/2010 dynamed's systematic literature surveillance smith dp, king mt, egger s, et a. is viagra from canada safe Jelly like viagra Date Created: Wed Apr 6 09:18:39 2011

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